My Reflection: Topic 1


This has certainly been a new and instructive experience for me. I have thoroughly enjoyed setting up web profiles, studying content on ‘Digital Visitors’ and ‘Digital Residents’ and reviewing other students work.

Firstly, upon starting this topic I had a fairly reasonable idea of how different people use the internet differently, although Prensky and White and Le Cornu’s concepts were fresh idealisations to me. Hence, I found it refreshing to read through the analyses, as I believe it is imperative for further research to be done on how individuals engage in the digital world as it continues to develop and shape the way we interact with each other.

I was able to establish that I was virtually a ‘Digital Resident’ regarding my personal use of the web, yet professionally I could relate more to the ‘Digital Visitor’ idealisation. Which, I believe this is the case for many individuals.


This brings forward the notion of growing importance in developing an apt online image in order to network with individuals worldwide in various fields of work. I believe the internet does make the world much smaller but with prudence we can use this to our advantage and build valuable relationships online.

Although, many people may be able to relate to how I use the web, others may not and may infact be less or much more active online. Which is why I advocate White and Le Cornus proposal of a continuum rather than a dichotomy. It can be extended to note that amongst different ages and professional platforms people are required to engage in the web differently, or others simply may just not have ready access to digital resources. Thus, it may be more efficient to analyse trends according to different categories in order to see what and how certain factors affect how different people use the web.

Ending on this note from Bill Gates:

bill gates


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