My Reflection: Topic 3

John Antonios- Personal Branding 10 Commandments

John Antonios- Personal Branding 10 Commandments

Over the weeks we have learnt and pondered on the significance of transparency when presenting ourselves online. It has been refreshing to converse with other students, and take a look at the useful links that were shared. Quite a few of us have only just started developing ourselves online upon the initiation of this module, and its encouraging to see us all making progress.

Bearing this all in mind, it can be difficult to maintain your personal brand so here are some tips that make the process feel less demanding.

Have an editorial schedule: A social media plan: What you have to work with and when will you be posting on these different platforms. Literally create a detailed master plan for the month. Organisation is key. Plus, you’re less likely to fall behind when it’s set in place. Sites like WordPress even have tools that allow you to select how many posts you endeavour to achieve in a given time frame.

Clarify: Essentially what service do you provide, what is your niche? It may be that you are overwhelming yourself by writing too much or posting too frequently. You should simplify your content so your purpose is invariably clear to others and not just yourself. Reduce the frequency of your posts if need be. Quality over quantity.


Watch your statistics: Which of your blog posts and work receive the most attention? You can then direct your focus on what is working in order to preserve this awareness and expand on it . You can watch where the traffic is coming from, Youtube, Twitter? Google Analytics is one of the best tools you can use to track this movement, although it can be onerous to get your head around. Here is a informative article on how to use it whilst branding:!z0dJr

Advocates: Look for connections in your field. You’re friends and colleagues that adore and are active on social media can help read, promote, review and advise you on how to better your presence on their favourite sites. Just ask your friend ‘What makes a good youtube video?’ They’ll surely tell you.

Focus: Customize your plan to define your presence on LinkedIn for the first month for instance. You should still engage on the other sites but your editorial schedule will be tailored mainly to LinkedIn and you can execute all your tasks and really build a credible profile in this time frame. Otherwise, you attenuate your efforts by dividing them aimlessly. Instead, take time to master each site.

Initially, I was ambivalent as to whether it was necessary to market yourself online, but have gradually come to see the prominent benefits of doing so. By getting it right, you have much more to discuss in interviews, you can attract new employers and even influence the decision of those which you pursue. So I’ll be creating my editorial schedule throughout the next topic and hopefully you will too.


Economics and Finance student. University of Southampton. Autodidact. INTJ. Psychiatry devotee. To myself I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me - Isaac Newton. Any Questions? Email:

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One comment on “My Reflection: Topic 3
  1. Hi Joy,
    Great tips to start of on your personal branding journey … thanks for the mention, it humbles and honors me. I would add networking to that list – it’s essential to your online presence to connect with like-minded people and build discussions. Friends are important, but to add credibility, you need peer connections based on thought-leadership not just an emotional connection.
    once again thank you for the mention, and wishing your PB all the success it deserves
    with respect,
    John Antonios


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