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My Reflection: Open access to online materials for all

  This final topic was possibly the most relevant in regards to our higher education. Quality research and dissemination of information is imperative for academic study, though for me many of the issues raised were also important for the development of this blog. The general consensus

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Open access to online materials for all: Utopian dream or unstoppable force?

Digitization and technological progress have conquered the revolutionization and democratisation of everything from shopping to betting etc. With regards to education several resources were needed that until the past decade were yet to emerge; mobile devices, global internet and cheap information costs for creation

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My Reflection: Ethics and Social Media

This topic is one of increasing importance in today’s society. One would believe that teachers in particular should know to maintain professionalism and refrain from developing inappropriate relationships with students in real life or online. Though, the digital era has led

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Building your authentic online professional profile

Networking is an essential part of building wealth – Armstrong Williams Previously, we have discussed this digital era and established that social media is an organic component in our job search. Employers are not only screening our profiles when applying for

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Digital Visitors and Residents

Explain the concept of digital ‘visitors’ and “’residents’ drawing upon your reading and your own online experiences to date in support of the points that you make. The notion of Digital ‘visitors’ and ‘residents’ originates from Marc Prensky, who coined

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