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Ethical issues surrounding educational and business uses of social media

Society has undergone a legion of changes, developments and improvements since the 20th century, which includes scientific progress such as Spacecrafts, Washing Machines, The Internet, 3D printers and the phenomenon of Social Media. Amid this tumultuous media revolution, many of

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Online Identity, privacy and security.

‘Discuss the arguments for and against having more than one online identity’. The term ‘Digital identity’ is the data that uniquely describes a person or a thing and contains information about the subject’s relationships’ (Windley P, 2005) . We may

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My Reflection: Topic 1

This has certainly been a new and instructive experience for me. I have thoroughly enjoyed setting up web profiles, studying content on ‘Digital Visitors’ and ‘Digital Residents’ and reviewing other students work. Firstly, upon starting this topic I had a

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Digital Visitors and Residents

Explain the concept of digital ‘visitors’ and “’residents’ drawing upon your reading and your own online experiences to date in support of the points that you make. The notion of Digital ‘visitors’ and ‘residents’ originates from Marc Prensky, who coined

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