Welcome to the Ocean of Knowledge


Through the alluring eyes of this tiger,

Serenity glimmers, ocean waves echo,

Waiting, prowling and gazing,

For meek prey in it’s humble abode.

All my life I’ve had many questions,

Desperate to solve this puzzle called life,

Thus, I ventured on a journey for knowledge,

To satiate the hunger for truth inside.

Economics, Psychology and Psychiatry too,

Read hundreds of articles a day,

Behavioral neuroscience and Conspiracy theories,

My mission was far from child’s play.

For me knowledge is virtuous treasure;

Enriches your mind and charms your heart.

One can never know enough of this world,

It’s complexity alone is art.

Essentially, the purpose of this blog,

Is to share my insights with you,

I hope many wonders fall in place,

As you yield to the Ocean’s sweet taste.

One comment on “Welcome to the Ocean of Knowledge
  1. Nanz says:

    I’m impressed

    Liked by 1 person

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